Ebb and flow

Ebb and flow
Stainless steel
Height 3m
Edition of 3

Ebb and flow

The sculpture takes it’s inspiration from the reflected wave patterns created on the surface of water – far example how the reflection of a mast is distorted by the undulating nature of the sea.

In this edition etched text was added as it was sited at a library in Poole. The etched text raising from the sea bed – a sea of knowledge – text floating up to create new narratives.

The title Ebb and flow responds to the way in which the reflective waves change, continuously getting wider and narrower with the movement of the water, relating to the coastal tidal context.

The geometric arrangement creates a sense of balance, continuity and harmony. This is a common theme with Moorhouse’s sculptures that they are symmetrical, proportional, and balanced. The work has a sense of flow and movement which is pronounced when one walks around the sculpture.

The sculpture is made from marine stainless steel and has been etched with aluminium oxide. The work changes in appearance as the light catches the different flanges according to the time of day. Integral lighting creates another dimension during the night and winter evenings.