Pete Moorhouse FRSA

Pete Moorhouse specialises in creating steel sculpture for the outdoor environment. His sculptural practice encompasses abstract and contemporary figurative work. Recent work reinterprets designs within traditional Islamic art. The sculptures share a strong minimal aesthetic emphasising the form with strong lines and are finished to a high quality to be durable in the elements. Pete exhibits regularly and has work in many collections both in the UK and overseas.

Moorhouse’s work is restrained and rigorous. It is deliberately kept minimal avoiding superfluous ornamentation and distracting effects and thus has a strong impact and communicates clearly.

Museum of Modern Art, Wales

Pete has undertaken many prestigious public art commissions around the country for hospitals, cycle paths, libraries, and schools. Emphasis is placed on public consultation and community involvement in public art projects. Commissioners include Rolls Royce, The NHS, John Lewis, Unilever, IKEA and many local authorities.

Abstract Figurative steel sculpture

Innovation is important to Pete and he is continually experimenting with new concepts and forms of sculptural expression as well as investigating new processes and techniques. He was awarded a research and professional development grant from the Arts Council to investigate and develop new innovative practices. See Pete’s artist statement for more about his inspiration.

Artist statement

Pete studied sculpture and contemporary art theory and practice at Bristol School of Art and Design. Pete’s work has won many awards and he has been selected for several prestigious public commissions. He is a Churchill fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a honorary research fellow at Bristol University.

Corten Steel sculpture by Pete Moorhouse

Pete’s sculptures have also been used in many different cultural contexts such as for costume design for the Brazilian National Opera, for ambient sound creation by Deep Flower exploring the sounds the sculpture make, for television sets and lending inspiration for jewelry design.

Ballerina series produced for Fresh Air Sculpture
Abstract Figurative steel sculpture

There are two conceptual elements that are integral to the aesthetic of Pete’s work. Negative space and reduction. Negative space refers to the spaces between the elements, the concept of ‘Ma’ from Japan – roughly translated as ‘gap’, ‘space’, ‘pause’ or ‘the space between two structural parts’. This spatial concept is experienced as a consciousness of place, not in the sense of an enclosed three-dimensional entity, but rather the simultaneous awareness of form and non-form deriving from an intensification of vision. Space becomes the breath of art. Reduction is about embracing a minimalist aesthetic (‘Shibui’ – simple and subtle), avoiding the superfluous and hence reducing the work to the essence with out compromising content. The beauty is found in achieving this balance, ensuring we gain aesthetically as the work becomes more minimal. The combination of these two concepts shape Pete’s work.

Pete has works in many sculpture parks and trails in the UK. Check out the sculpture park and trail directory

Pete is also dedicated to sharing his passion for creativity though his work in education. He specialises on encouraging and inspiring creativity within early childhood education, through research, writing, teacher professional development and conferences. Pete was awarded a national award from the Creative Learning Guild for his work promoting creativity. Visit his dedicated website for more information.

Testimonials and feedback

Pete was professional from start to finish, a pleasure to work with and we are delighted with the sculpture which has become a real focal point and transformed our garden

Paul Stirling, Texas
Abstract Figurative steel sculpture

We are absolutely delighted with our sculptures, they look amazing. The weather today is just glorious, allowing me to take in the changes, what with the shadows and reflections, they look different from every angle, each time you look at them, fantastic!
Shirley Williams, Cornwall

Abstract sculpture by Pete Moorhouse

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