Pete Moorhouse specialises in creating steel sculpture for the outdoor environment. His sculptural practice encompasses abstract and contemporary figurative work.  The sculptures share a strong minimal aesthetic emphasising the form with strong lines. The sculptures are finished to a high quality to be durable in the elements.

Moorhouse’s work is restrained and rigorous. It is deliberately kept minimal avoiding superfluous ornamentation and distracting effects and thus has a strong impact and communicates clearly.

Museum of Modern Art, Wales
Contemporary Islamic sculpture

Contemporary and elegant

Pete Moorhouse’s works are included in many public and private collections around the world. Work has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients including Rolls Royce, John Lewis, Unilever, the NHS and many local authorities. Pete’s work has been featured on BBC1, ITV, Channel4 and is regularly featured in the national press (Sunday Times, Sunday Express, Observer, Financial Times) and in art-world journals.

Pete’s recent work focuses on reinterpreting traditional Islamic design creating contemporary sculptural form

Moorhouse represented the UK when his sculptures were exhibited at the prestigious Islamic Arts Festival in Sharjah, UAE.

Pete Moorhouse is one of the leading international artists that is creating innovative work reinterpreting traditional Islamic art in contemporary form. His work explores spirituality, inter-faith dialog and pluralism. Moorhouse works with classical motifs and traditional design found in Mosques and reinterprets these in sculptural forms that are elegant, harmonious and elevating. The sculptures, combining balance, repetition, detail and form create intricate work that have a strong aesthetic and transcend traditional boundaries of culture and convey a profound essence of spirituality.
Islamic Art Festival, National Museum, Sharjah, UAE

Pete is also dedicated to sharing his passion for creativity. His work in education is focused on encouraging creativity within early childhood education, through research, writing, teacher professional development, conferences and work within settings.


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