Commissioning Sculpture

Sculpture can be ordered from my existing portfolio or new work can be commissioned. The sculpture in the portfolio works are generally produced in small limited of either editions of 3 or 8.

I also welcome new commissions. You may have a particular location in mind and want the sculpture to respond to the given environment. You may have a particular context that you would like me to explore. In either case I would produce a number of designs and then we can work together to decide what will work best for you.

Abstract Figurative steel sculpture

I also have a bank of maquettes, models and sketches of potential designs that we can look at once you provide some indication of the type of work you are looking for.

All the sculptures are made to an extremely high standard. Painted sculptures are first hot zinc spayed ensuring them to be rust free and are finished with a durable two pac polyurethane paint system. Stainless steel sculptures are fabricated in high quality stainless steel, either 304 or marine grade 316. Some sculptures are made in Corten steel and others are left to attain their natural patination, in these cases the steel gauge is increased to ensure longevity in the outdoor environment.

Corten Steel sculpture by Pete Moorhouse
Soma by Pete Moorhouse