Painted steel sculpture

Abstract sculpture by Pete Moorhouse

Many of my sculptures have a paint finish. A strong colour can provide added interest and contrast in a number of specific environments.
It is critical that paint finishes are high quality and last. I have these applied inductrially to ensure the highest quality.

All my painted sculptures have a zinc undercoat, usually applied as a hot metal spray after the steel is shot-blast to initially prepare the surface. This protects the steel from any corrosion and blistering of the paint. It also provides a strong ‘key’ to adhere the paint to. The the works are then primed and then a strong 2-pac application of durable polyurethane paint that sets hard.

Abstract sculpture by Pete Moorhouse

In some circumstances the sculptures are powder coated. This is where the paint is applied by using an electric current. This method is good if there is more difficult ares to reach. To prevent any rusting this is applied to 304 stainless steel.

Contemporary Islamic sculpture