Stainless steel Sculpture

Contemporary Islamic sculpture
Hala by Pete Moorhouse

Stainless steel is a special alloy of steel that contains a higher percentage of chromium. This composition limits the iron from rusting and tarnishing. There are several grades, the main ones being Marine Grade 316 and 304. The majority of my sculptures are fabricated from 316 as this is the most resistant to any rusting or tarnishing. I also work with 304 grade when the sculpture will not be sited near marine environments or in polluted areas.

Abstract sculpture by Pete Moorhouse
Connection by Pete Moorhouse

The are also several finishes available for stainless steel the main ones being:
Mirror polished: producing a highly reflective surface
Satin: a bright but not reflective surface
Brushed: The surface has a grain on one direction
Angle-ground patterning: This is an effect produced by careful application by hand with an angel grinder – producing a shimmering, holographic effect that catches the light in different ways and lends a sense of movement.

Contemporary Islamic sculpture
Khatim by Pete Moorhouse with angle-ground surface effect
Contemporary Islamic sculpture
Aurora by Pete Moorhouse

Stainless steel can also be etched or blasted to create surface designs

Etched effect on stainless steel