Triptych in Blue

Triptych in Blue
Stainless steel, enamel
0.6m height
Edition of 8

Triptych in blue

This abstract wall relief takes its inspiration from sail shapes, and natural forms.

The work also references the sun/moon. The negative space is a connection, a connection between different expressions of form, and the space itself becomes its own form. Space is as much a part of a Moorhouse’s work as mass. For more information see Pete’s artist statement where he talks about the Japanese concept of ‘ma’.

The wall relief takes some inspiration form the wonderful works of Barbara Hepworth who was known for her sculptural forms with holes. She called that first sculpture ‘Pierced Form’ – a work that, simply by existing, could reframe the world it inhabited, make it possible to see through form and simultaneously see differently via form.

This wall relief is fabricated in stove enamelled stainless steel