Stainless steel
1000mm diameter edition of 3
725mm diameter edition of 3
300mm diameter edition of 8
150mm diameter edition of 8

Contemporary Islamic sculpture

300 Maquette
Khatim – Water edition – water gentle flows out of the centre of the sculpture


This artwork explores designs found in traditional Islamic art. Khatim is created from eclipsed moons. The intention of the artwork is to convey balance, harmony and infinity. There is a sense of flow and connection that runs through the work – a never ending repeated pattern – an infinite geometric continuation.

The individual stainless steel panels have an hand worked angle-ground pattern that catches and reflects the sunlight, and dance around the sculpture as the observer moves around the work, creating a shimmering almost holographic effect.

The work also draws on the similarities between the western minimalist movement and traditional Islamic art – the seriality, repetition and attention to line and form which all have much in common with each other.

The work is available in limited editions in different sizes. A water feature edition is also available. Click here for more information on Pete’s Islamic series.