Hala – Halo around the moon
Stainless steel
1.5m diameter
Edition of 8
2m diameter edition of 3

Hala ( Halo around the moon)

This sculpture reinterprets Islamic geometric design in contemporary sculptural form. The geometric patterns found in traditional Islamic art are generally two dimensional (tiles, mosaics, engraving etc.) or architectural and this sculpture reworks the traditional motifs into sculptural form. The majority of geometric patterns in Islamic art are based on the repetition of a single motif, which is designed in such a way that all the recurring components fit together in a perfect sequence. The essence of this work is the creation of a never ending repeated pattern – an infinite geometric continuation. In the Arabic world the geometric patterns were not seen are merely abstract but as being imbued with sacred content of both metaphysical and religious significance. This sculpture in this way lends itself to a variety of philosophical interpretations.

The individual stainless steel panels catch and reflect the sunlight, and dance around the sculpture as the observer moves around the work, highlighting the paths and ongoing connections. This sculpture is fabricated from 316 Marine grade stainless steel. Click here for more information on Pete’s Islamic series.