Stainless steel
1.2m diameter
Edition of 8

University Of Nottingham, Dept of Neurology


This sculpture is constructed of neurons forming an endless connection between the synapses.

It provides a moment to think about thinking, we can’t see the new neural pathways that are being created with new experiences, interactions etc. It’s about believing the unseen.

‘Connection’ is about making thought patterns visible and drawing our attention to the possibility of new connections being made between neurons. Our curiosity is a fundamental disposition which underpins neurological growth: for it is curiosity that is at the heart of exploration, is the catalyst of motivation and leads us creative and critical thinking. In psychology as we create new understandings of the human dynamic new connections will be formed as we try to understand existing thought patterns in others.

In sunshine the stainless steel will reflect from one of the neurons then as we pass by the sculpture, the sun’s reflection moves from neuron to neuron creating a thought pattern.