Aspora V2

Stainless steel
Edition of 3 £8500

Aspora V2

The sculpture is a celebration of life. Celebrating plant forms and the cycle of new growth and regeneration. The overall form represents a leaf. Seeds, spores or pollen could be seen to be represented by the negative spaces – their presence suggested by their absence – gone in the wind to create new growth.

The geometric form of the sculpture and the elegant curves reference Islamic art traditions. The Islamic geometric patterns were inspired by forms found in nature – plant forms, petal arrangements etc. Extending this theme further, the skeleton vein pattern of a leaf have been replaced with an Islamic geometric pattern. This particular pattern originates from the Huand Hatun mosque in Kayseri, Turkey and would have originated approx. in 1200AD. This connection of the sculpture with another part of the world is a reminder that all life on earth is connected in one eco system.

The work is also intended to give a sense of balance and harmony, being delicate but strong, supporting and being supported – rising – celebrating life. The sculpture is contemporary but it is intended that the juxtaposition of modern art in the garden envirnment is sympathetic. It is hoped and that the sculpture draws ones eye inviting a closer inspection.

The name Aspora is formed by combining the ancient Greek words spora (spores) and diaspora (scattering/ dispersion).