Steel, zinc, paint
2.5m height
Edition of 8
Also available in 1.25m edition


I see the Angel as a symbol of benevolence, a kindly entity being guiding and nurturing.

It can be seen as a positive, uplifting sculpture giving hope and optimism and perhaps also giving the opportunity to reflect on spiritual concerns. The Angel helping us rise above our earthly situation and limitations. Angels, described in the Bible as the supernatural beings that surround God, are messengers ( from the Greek Angelos ) between Heaven and earth and are here to help people as a servant of another dimension.

The effect of the piece is in the calmness, the way in which the faces interact with the light and the gesture of the wings. The wings reaching upwards make a connection between earth and sky – bridging the two realities of known and unknown, seen and unseen. The work has a sense of mystery, as the angel is rooted in the earth rather than floating in the ether. Mystery perhaps reflecting the questions we all have about existence.

Six winged Angels are mentioned in the Bible called Seraphim in Isaiah, found around the throne of God. Two pairs of wings were to emphasise God’s Holiness and the other two for flying.

The geometric arrangement creates a sense of balance, continuity and harmony. This is a common theme with Pete’s sculptures that they are symmetrical, proportional, and balanced. The sculpture pays particular attention to form and the work will play with the light as the sun catches the different faces of the steel creating subtle changes according to the time of day.