Sculpture installed in Cornwall

The steel sculpture, Zenith was installed in Cornwall. Installed during high wind and rain, fabricators from Falmouth Ship Yard battled the elements to erect the 2 tonne artwork.  This sculpture can be seen to encompass a spherical form – defined by the negative space. The surrounding steel forms an endless path along the circumference of the sphere.





The artwork responds to the location of The Homestead with the open vistas and the sphere could be seen to relate to the sun and moon. The sculpture is designed so that it can function as a gateway with a pathway passing through the sphere.  The sculpture is deliberately kept minimal paying attention to clean lines and strong form.

The sculpture is constructed from ships plate steel and fabricated using ship building techniques.  The name Zenith means an imaginary point above a location and comes from the Arabic – meaning “a way” or “the road above one’s head”