Corten Steel Sculpture

Corten Steel (COR-TEN) sometimes called Weathering Steel refers to the special chemical composition of the steel, allowing it to exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steels. This is because the steel forms a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather. In other words, the steel is allowed to rust in order to form the protective coating.

Corten Steel sculpture by Pete Moorhouse
Zenith by Pete Moorhouse

The surface forms a natural patina, a stable rust-like appearance, which is due to the higher copper content and has an attractive reddish-brown colouration. The protective coat forms within six months in general outdoor conditions or can be accelerated with the addition of brine – which begins the surface protection process within a matter of hours. Corten is a relatively expensive material, supplied by a limited number of producers worldwide. Similar in cost to 316 stainless steel.

Abstract Figurative steel sculpture
Human Circle by Pete Moorhouse. In this example in the early stages of developing an even coat.

It the right location the surface finish looks striking, and contrast well within both garden and architectural landscapes

Corten steel is popularly used in outdoor sculptures for its rustic antique appearance. One famous example is the large Picasso sculpture in Chicago

The Picasso, Chicago

Pete has many sculptures fabricated with corten steel and welcomes new commissions in corten steel

Corten Steel sculpture by Pete Moorhouse
Soma by Pete Moorhouse