New sculptural work

Pete’s latest sculpture takes motifs found in tiling and screens in Mosques and works with these 2 dimensional patterns and and interpreting them in sculptural form. The pattern becomes endless as it connects around the sphere. Light interacts with the work – as the viewer walks around the sculpture the different sections reflect the sunlight giving a sense of movement.


Creative Woodwork in the Early Years

Pete’s latest book “Woodwork in the Early Years” is published by Community Playthings. July 2015. The book aimed at teachers aims to encourage creative woodwork in early years settings.

Request your free booklet in hard copy or pdf version from Community Playthings:


Tel : 0800 387 457 (UK) / +44 (0)1580 883300 from 9:00am -5:00pm Mon-Fri

It can be downloaded here: Community Playthings link

It can also be downloaded from this site as a pdf here: Woodwork in the Early Years

wooworking book