Ebb and Flow

Stainless steel

Height 4m

Commission for Hamworthy Library, Poole celebrating it's location close to the water front and the library. The wave forms respond to the patterns made on the waters surface by masts' reflections and the jumbled texts relate to local novels. The overall form could be seen as a navigation marker.

More Information

The sculpture takes it’s inspiration from the reflected wave patterns created on the surface of water – far example how the reflection of a mast is distorted by the undulating nature of the sea. The sculpture responds directly to the architecture of the library and landscaping picking up on the sunken wave form and square arrays of the photovoltaic cells and stepping stones.

The etched text could be seen as bubbles raising from the sea bed – a sea of knowledge and creativity – text floating up to create new narratives. The text connects to the library context and on each face the name of a famous book has been jumbled.

The title Ebb and Flow responds to the way in which the reflective waves change, continuously getting wider and narrower with the movement of the water and also relating to the coastal tidal context.

The sculpture is made from marine stainless steel and has been etched with aluminium oxide.