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Early Years Environment 360 Audit   – A detailed audit form to evaluate and plan improvements:  Early Years Environment 360 Audit


Creativity Wheel:


This is an invaluable resource for teachers created from Creative Partnerships for evaluating creativity

Creativity Wheel


Thinking Sills in the Early Years: 

G Walsh, P Murphy and C Dunbar  – Stranmillis University College

Thinking Skills in the Early Years


100 Creativity Quotations:


I have been collecting inspiring quotations about creativity for sometime. Print, download and pass on to others. Spread the love. Inspire creativity! Put them up in your work place. If you would like to contribute any quotations to this growing resource please submit via the contact form.

PDF file   Creativity quotations

Word doc  Creativity quotations


Example woodwork risk assessment form


PDF file:   Example woodwork risk assessment : Woodwork Risk Assessment 15