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Book: Learning Through Woodwork by Pete Moorhouse


 “Every so often a book is written that helps practitioners to develop their work in deep and far reaching ways. This is that sort of book.” Tina Bruce CBE

This essential guide provides clear and comprehensive support for those looking to introduce creative woodwork into early years settings. With theory, practical advice, stunning colour images and case studies, the book will inspire practitioners to embrace woodwork and encourage children’s independent creative learning.

Focusing on the numerous benefits that working with wood offers young children, from boosting their self-esteem and problem-solving skills, to enhancing their communication and social development, the author draws on over 25 years of experience to discuss each and every aspect of establishing woodwork in the early years curriculum. Including practical information on materials and tools, staff training, and health and safety advice, this go-to guide provides a treasure trove of ideas to engage children at various stages of development, drawing the maximum benefit from working with wood and tools.

Both inspiring and informative, Learning Through Woodwork will become an essential tool for early years practitioners and teachers wishing to explore and develop woodwork provision.

‘The Definitive EY Book for Woodwork. Destined to be a classic’

This book was waiting to be written for a very long time. It puts woodworking at the heart of the early years curriculum, providing a history of woodwork in the early years and linking its use being advocated by Froebel, Susan Isaacs and many other pioneers. It provides lots of guidance, advice, practical tips collected and learned over many years of using tools and working with young children. More than this, Pete’s approach is truly creative. The book is not about projects and end outcomes. It’s about exploring with materials and tools. I particularly liked the ways into woodwork beginning with heuristic play and a clear developmental progression of tool use. It’s a book that I know I will still love and return to for advice and thoughts when I retire… and that’s a long way off! Juliet Robertson

‘A must for anyone wanting to do woodwork in early years education’

This is just what I’ve been looking for. It’s a really comprehensive book – giving a thorough account of all the learning associated with woodwork. It has lots of information on all the practicalities of introducing woodwork in the classroom – with all the most useful tools and health and safety guidance etc. I would totally recommend this book to all those working in early years and some really fab pictures to bring it all alive. From what I’ve seen young children really can get a lot from doing woodwork. Catrin Thomas


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This book covers in considerable depth the impact woodworking can have in Early Years education. It looks in detail at the many learning and development outcomes and gives a comprehensive account of what you need to get started.

Pete’s enthusiasm is clearly apparent as is his commitment to encouraging children’s creative thinking. It is clear using wood a creative material can help develop children’s imagination and creativity as well as develop many other skills. Working alongside Pete, I have seen children learning at the deepest level. For some children, working with wood was the key which unlocked the barriers to learning. The impact has been long term.

Woodwork has demonstrated that it is very popular activity with the children, and provides a rich source of enjoyment as well as learning.  I have seen at first hand how young children, their parents and carers and the adults who work with them, have been inspired.

I very much encourage you to try introducing woodwork in your setting and I’m sure that you will find this book an invaluable resource.  Rachel Edwards Headteacher