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Pete’s latest book “Woodwork in the Early Years” is published by Community Playthings. July 2015.

wooworking book

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“Woodwork in Early Years Education” by Pete Moorhouse published 2010. Second edition 2012.  81 Pages 94 Images.  SOLD OUT in-line for reprint


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This book covers in considerable depth the impact woodworking can have in Early Years education. It looks in detail at the many learning and development outcomes and gives a comprehensive account of what you need to get started.

Pete’s enthusiasm is clearly apparent as is his commitment to encouraging children’s creative thinking. It is clear using wood a creative material can help develop children’s imagination and creativity as well as develop many other skills. Working alongside Pete, I have seen children learning at the deepest level. For some children, working with wood was the key which unlocked the barriers to learning. The impact has been long term.

Woodwork has demonstrated that it is very popular activity with the children, and provides a rich source of enjoyment as well as learning.  I have seen at first hand how young children, their parents and carers and the adults who work with them, have been inspired.

I very much encourage you to try introducing woodwork in your setting and I’m sure that you will find this book an invaluable resource.  Rachel Edwards Headteacher


Professor Tina Bruce CBE, University of Roehampton  writes:

Every so often a book is written that helps practitioners to develop their work in deep and far reaching ways. This is that sort of book.

Woodwork has always been included in early childhood practice over the last hundred years. It is a tried and tested experience, with an honourable tradition, emerging from the pioneer nursery schools in the late nineteenth century.

But good practice is easier to lose than to sustain.

Because of an over emphasis on health and safety in the 1980s and 1990s, and lack of training in the safe provision of woodwork experiences for practitioners, most of the excellent practice has vanished. But it can and is being recaptured, and this book has arrived at a timely moment for doing just that. It is written by a well respected artist who has worked with young children, and his expertise shines through the book.

It sets out very clearly and practically why woodwork is important, how to make a woodwork area, what tools to provide, and how to use them and encourage the children to be safe, skilled and creative. This book should be in every early childhood setting, and parents and grandparents will also find it helpful.


Example woodwork risk assessment form. Click below to open pdf.

Example Woodwork Risk Assessment