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I have worked in several nursery schools and children’s centres providing long and short term artist residencies and workshops.

I provide a variety of areas of exploration for the children. I see my role as promoting creativity and creative thinking through inquiry based learning. Emphasis is placed on investigating and exploring and following the children’s interest. I provide provocations as a starting point. For example:

Light, Shadow, Transparency, Projection; Dark; Reflection; Materials investigation: Metal, clay, wood, plastic, fabric etc; Woodwork; Deconstruction; Electricity; Sounds; Colour; Mark making; Natural arrangements; Paper and card; Sculpture; Mobiles; Photography; Tinkering; Drama.

Longer term projects run for several months and allow thorough creative exploration and investigation and also focus on the development of skills.

I have  journal articles published in Early Years Educator, Early Years Update and Nursery Times and am committed to sharing good practice with other practitioners.

More info on Pete’s Training Website www.irresistible-learning.co.uk


Extended projects have included:




Early Years woodwork

Woodwork model houseI specialise in woodwork in early years education.

Woodwork provides a unique learning experience for young children. It is so rich in so many areas of learning and development and it is an activity which children really enjoy, being absorbed for extended period of time. It’s very common for children to be engaged for two hours. It encompasses creative thinking, maths skills, scientific investigation, physical development and coordination, developing language and vocabulary, and much more.

It has the potential to build self esteem and confidence. This is really for a combination of reasons Through being empowered to use real tools, by being given some responsibility, accomplishing tasks that they initially feel to be challenging, gaining new skills and finally taking pride in their creations.

I’m passionate about the depth that woodwork has to offer. I have worked as an artist in residence in early years settings for many years, introducing children to many provocations to encourage creativity. Woodwork has consistently provided the children with a profound experience. I’d love all children to be able to have this experience. Sadly there is now very little if any practical woodwork offered to primary or secondary children so for many this experience in early years maybe their only experience of using tools and making creations in this way. In our changing world I also feel the skills to make and repair are important as is our ability to think creatively.

Woodwork Teacher training is also provided for Early Years practitioners

My book, Encouraging Woodwork in Early Years Education is available to order at £20. Please Email for details: studio@petemoorhouse.co.uk

More information on woodwork in Early Years is on the Big Bang Small World website

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